Personal Income Tax

Amounts That Are Not Taxed Who should file a tax return, how to get ready for taxes, filing and payment due dates, reporting your income and claiming deductions, and how to make a payment or check the status of your refund.

Personal Income Tax Rates

Personal Income Tax Rates You will find the provincial or territorial tax rates on Form 428 for the respective province or territory (all except Quebec).

Personal Income Tax

Personal Income Tax  Interest and penalties on a balance owing if you file or pay taxes late. How to cancel or waive interest or penalties and when you may be eligible for interest relief.

Outsourcing business Tax Preparation Has Several Advantages

Outsourcing Business Tax Preparation Has Several Advantages Taxes can keep accounting firms awake at night, especially during tax season. Your firm works more hours to prepare and file taxes on time so that your clients do not incur late payment penalties. A typical accounting firm’s bread and butter is tax preparation for individuals and small […]

Why Should You Make A Shift To Cloud Accounting?

Why Should You Make A Shift To Cloud Accounting? Not sure if your clients should make the switch to cloud accounting? As more companies shift to remote work, cloud-based accounting software makes sense in today’s ever-changing modern workplace. Discover the advantages of using cloud-based accounting software for you and your small business. Cloud accounting has […]

Why outsource accounting services?

Why Should You Make A Shift To Cloud Accounting? Why outsource accounting services? Let’s look at the five benefits of outsourcing accounting services. ¬†1) An easy scale-up Maintaining an in-house accounting team entails unavoidable and substantial fixed expenses. These costs are primarily attributed to salaries, software, servers, work machines, and more. In contrast, you only […]