Payroll Setup & Support

Payroll set-up and management consume a significant amount of time and resources for many companies. Payroll providers should provide seamless integration with payroll records for employers. Wave Taxes provide a hassle-free payroll integration service with automated tax and wage calculations for businesses. Employee gross earnings, payroll deductions, and net pay, along with the employer’s payroll tax liability, are recorded in the calculations. 

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    Setting Up Payroll Processes

    First-time payroll setup requires consideration of many factors. Due to employee information, compensation, pay frequency, and account for taxable perks, setting up can take a while.  

    Errors in payroll setup could cost you in the long run. Wave Taxes Inc. can assist you with payroll setup. We provide bi-weekly, monthly, and annual payroll services at Wave Taxes. 

    WCB (Workers Compensation Board)

    Employers in Alberta are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance for their paid and unpaid employees. WCB-Alberta helps you when an injury occurs at work. More than just wage loss, learn about all the benefits that can be made available during a claim, including medical benefits, re-employment benefits, fatality and survivor benefits and expense reimbursement. 

    Simplify Payroll Solutions With Wave Taxes Inc.

    Payroll setup and management can be challenging, and if you do it incorrectly, you may face significant tax penalties. Let the experts handle it instead!  

    Simplify Payroll solutions With Wave Taxes 

    • Digital contracts 
    • Onboard new hires 
    • Maintain day-to-day payroll tasks. 
    • Manage pay period and year-end process, including tax forms 
    • Payroll remittances 
    • Payroll reconciliations 
    • Payroll deduction and contribution (including CPP, EI, and income tax) 
    • WCB

    How And When To Pay (Remit) Source Deductions?

    If you pay remuneration, such as salary or wages, or give a taxable benefit to a recipient, you have to deduct source deductions. You are responsible for remitting these deductions to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

    Late payroll tax remittances will result in high penalties, so set up a system to ensure they’re paid on time. 

    You must report a nil remittance when you have seasonal workers or no employees. 

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